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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gaza, less reported stuff

There are lots of 'Hamas denialists', generally 'below the line' (people commenting on websites), and sometimes above. Here are a few links to stories I've come across recently which go against the popular narratives.
  • Rockets hidden in a school - source UNRWA
  • Justice for Palestinian Arabs, Hamas-style - Newsweek, but also reported in the Independent.
  • Arab-hating Israelis deliberately target Palestinian children - except when they don't
  • The Jews who paid 14$M to cede functioning greenhouses to Palestinians - and what happened afterwards.
  • 3 Israeli teenagers abducted and killed then 1 Arab teenager abducted and killed. So they're clearly as bad as each other? Except that this, and this.
  • Israeli and Palestinian families shared grief, here too.
  • Was the current Israeli offensive was provoked by the abductions, or by rockets? No it's tunnels.
  • When Palestinian rockets are fired, Israelis head for bunkers. Palestinians don't get bunkers, because Hamas uses the concrete for building tunnels...

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