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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Euro & Brexit

Promis, des photos de vacances viendront bientôt!
Joseph Stiglitz on the Euro:
The euro was flawed at birth. Even the best policymakers the world has ever seen could not have made it work. The eurozone’s structure imposed the kind of rigidity associated with the gold standard. The single currency took away its members’ most important mechanism for adjustment – the exchange rate – and the eurozone circumscribed monetary and fiscal policy.
Another Guardian article on Brexit:
But in other respects, Brexit has been a help. It has forced the government to take a long, hard look at the British economy – something that would not have happened without the shock administered by the referendum. It’s brought home the fact that most of Britain feels disconnected from the economic story peddled by successive governments..
Guardian dissing Euro and talking up Brexit, who'd a thunk it?

(Normal service should resume shortly...)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back ... De retour

Déjà de retour depuis une semaine, mais pas encore vraiment fonctionnel à 100%. J'ai voulu faire vacances sans email, mais au retour j'ai toujours pas réussi à remettre en marche les mails sur mon téléphone (à part ça, je n'ai absolument pas regretté un mois sans email ni infos!).
Been back a week actually, but not fully functional again yet.
(I attempted to set up my smart phone to be more dumb for the holidays, and somehow managed to get in a state where I can't activate emails on it anymore!).

Given that this time we were just three on holiday, the housework had to be shared out differently. We discovered that Kalia loves hanging out the washing. One less thing to fight over.

En vacances, j'ai décidé de les payer pour les les fiches de maths. Au début Rebecca a flippé parce qu'elle trouvait trop dur. Mais une fois que je lui ai expliqué, elle a compris le truc et s'est fait beaucoup d'argent!
On holiday, they get paid for doing maths, it was a bit too hard for Rebecca to start with, but she got the hang of it very quickly, and made out like a bandit.