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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Offending article ... le coupable

Voilà comment Madame s'est fait mal au dos - en essayant de pousser cette poussette !

Elle va aller au troc (la poussette) très bientôt.

Cette nuit, dûre dûre. D'après ce qu'on a compris, les anti-douleurs ont diminué le lait, donc Kalia revenait très très souvent pour manger. On n'a pas dormi grand chose.

En attendant voilà un petit fichier que je me suis amusé à faire pour m'aider à voir si ça vaut la peine de faire un détour pour prendre l'essence moins cher.

Here's a photo showing the pushchair that did Madame's back in.

Last night was a hard one. We think that it's the painkillers that cut the milk output, so Kalia kept waking up hungry all night. We didn't sleep much (but I did get a bit of work done between 4 and 5!)

Here is a little file that I worked on last night to help me decide how far out of my way to go for cheaper petrol.

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Daniel & Libby said...

I find that this gives problematic results. In example one, the closer the petrol station is, the greater the petrol differential needs to be to make it worth it. So (using my figures) if the petrol station is 1 mile away, its not worth going unless the petrol is at least 4 pence cheaper, but its worth going 100 miles to get petrol that's 0.04p cheaper! This seems somewhat counterintuitive to me! Are you taking account of the petrol you use to go and get the petrol?!

Benjol said...

Oops - lost in translation! I'll try and fix it soon.