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Monday, September 03, 2007

Big girl ... Grande fille

Depuis 2 semaines, Kalia accepte de garder des 'trucs' dans ses cheveux (pas sur cette photo). Ca lui donne vraiment une air de petite fille, et plus de grand bébé.

Sur cette photo elle avait piqué les lunettes à un invité. Ca lui va assez bien encore.

On a trouvé une maman anglaise qui habite la même rue que nous et qui a une fille de trois ans. Donc jeudi Kalia va aller à la 'petite école' - où j'espère qu'elle comprendra que l'anglais n'est pas une langue bizarre réservée à son papa !

Comme son père, elle s'intéresse beaucoup à tout ce qui vole. Samedi je suis allé à Bex07, où je me suis éclaté comme un gamin. A suivre..., je dois faire le tri dans mes 500Mb de photos et vidéos!

Recently Kalia has got used to having 'things' in her hair (not in this photo) - she no longer rips them out as soon as you've got her all prettied-up. It really does make her look like a little girl and not a big baby.

In this photo she'd pinched someone's glasses - it also makes her look very grown up.

This Thursday, she's going to start going to 'school' - well, not really school. There's an English mum down the road with a three-year-old daughter who wants to start a sort of 'English creche'. It'll be just one morning a week, but we really hope that it will work out, and that Kalia will realise that English is not just a funny language spoken by her father!

Saturday I spent my day at Bex07, and had a whale of a time. I'll post more about that later, once I've sorted through the 500Mb of photos and film that I took!

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy, wish i could have come to the air show - next time, tell me about it. Also reminds me of Duxford, but also air shows at castle Bromwich aerodrome which has been a housing estate for these last 45 years!!