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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What's that thing they say about two wrongs?

The senate report on CIA torture is heart-wrenching (I admit I'm relying on excerpts like everyone else is right now).

From here it's hard to tell whether they were incompetent (torturing to get information when torture doesn't work), or whether to the contrary, they knew full well that torture doesn't work for getting information, and all they wanted was 'confessions' to use as propaganda. And revenge.

"The key story from today isn’t that the (censored) report was released, it’s that no one will ever be punished for horrific acts of violence that contravene international human rights law and US domestic law" (here)

Some more coverage here, here and here.

We didn't do it,
it wasn't torture,
and anyway, it worked
and we were just following orders.

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