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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Odds and ends

La photo est d'une 'nano-sculpture'. Plus d'infos ici.
//Goodness in the midst of suffering: an ambulance driver from Liberia talking about Ebola - BBC.

//A rather snazzy looking electric motorbike - the Johammer J1.

//Nano art (above)- this is rather amazing. After having checked it out, if you're from the UK read this and see if it changes your perception of the artist and his art!

//It's still a bit disconcerting to me that Nina Simone wasn't happy with her album 'Baltimore'. I'm still loving it after years of over-listening.

Listen to this (note, the song was written by Judy Collins):

My father always promised me
That we would live in France
We'd go boating on the seine
And I would learn to dance

We lived in Ohio then
He worked in the mines
On his dreams like boats, we knew
We would sail in time, in time

My sisters all grew up and went away
To Denver and Cheyenne
Marrying their grown-up dreams
The lilacs and the man

I stayed behind the youngest still
And I danced alone
Hoping of my fathers dreams
Someday, take me home, take me home

And I live in Paris now
My children dance and sing
Words of a miners tongue
Language they've never sing

I sail my memories of home
Like boats across the Seine
And watch my fathers eyes, watch the setting sun
It sets in my fathers eyes again

Cette vidéo a été construite à partir de photos de plusieurs membres d'une même famille, puis les images ont été 'lissées'. Le résultat est incroyable, la petite fille vieillit de façon imperceptible. Comme nous.
This video was created from photos of four members of the same family, which were 'flowed' together. The result is rather amazing, the little girl ages imperceptibly. Like us.

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