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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Je suis tombé sur un site qui explique que la simple distinction 'gauche/droite' est insuffisante pour exprimer la palette politique. Il propose un petit questionnaire pour se situer sur deux axes au lieu d'un seul. Les questions sont in English, mais ça vaut la peine si vous y arrivez. Voilà où je me situe en tout cas (apparemment).
Just happened on a site (Political Compass) which explains that the old 'left/right' dichotomy is too simplistic to express the range of political philosophies. They have a short questionnaire to help you work out where you are on their political spectrum. This is my result....

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Anonymous said...

I gave up on the test because there were several questions geared to an emotional response, and no slot for the answer I wanted. For example - "Those who have ability to pay should have the right to a better quality of healthcare". The Question is geared to make you look like a neo-con if you say yes. But who questions anyone's RIGHT to choose a different quality of car, theatre seat, service level, fast-track airline book-in. These are just consumer choices. It is the word 'right' that is wrong.