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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wossat? ... Kesakoi?

OK, petite devinette fastoche: qu'y a-t-il en commun entre tous ces métiers ? (Désolé, in English).

Try and have a guess what all these careers have in common.

Mechanical Engineer
Educational Psychologist
Aeronautical Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer Technician
Medical Social Worker
Computer Hardware Designer
Three dimensional Designer
Computer Systems Programmer
Production Manager
Postal Executive Officer
Studio Manager - Broadcasting
Computer Systems Analyst
Editor - Publishing
Design Engineer
Marine Engineer
Structural Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Engineer Technician
Telecommunications Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Building Services Engineer - Chartered
Engineer - Chartered
Control Engineer
Civil Engineer
Materials Scientist
Electrical Engineer
Control Engineer - Technician

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