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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Teeth ... Dents

Voilà, j'ai enfin réussi à fournir des preuves photographiques des dents de Mistinguette. Les deux du haut vont suivre bientôt, je pense.

Ce week-end on a assisté à deux fêtes avec des gens très sympathiques - et on a du rien organisé du tout - alors que du plaisir !

Kalia n'arrive toujours pas tout à fait à aller à quatre pattes, mais elle a bien compris qu'il y a 'un truc', et elle y travaille très fort - on va bientôt s'amuser...

At last, I've managed to get photographic evidence of Kalia's two teeth. Unfortunately, she seems to have inherited them from her Daddy - a bit wonky. The top two are on the way.

This weekend we had two different parties - one on Saturday and one on Sunday - with lots of very nice people, and we had nothing to prepare so it was 100% pleasure and relaxation.

Kalia still hasn't quite sussed out the crawling thing - she's understood that she can move around on all fours, she just hasn't worked out how yet. But she already has her sights fixed on all those interesting cupboards and drawers...

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