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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Nectarine & Ketchup

Devant notre persistance à ne pas vouloir révéler si notre bébé est garçon ou fille, plusieurs personnes ont voulu savoir quel prénoms on pensait donner. Alors voilà, pour vous, fidèles internautes, une petite confidence :

Ce sera Ketchup si c'est un garçon, et Nectarine si c'est une fille.

Je trouve plutôt cool. Ketchup, c'est tchaktchak, ça fait très masculin. Et Nectarine c'est plutôt joli; doux sans être mou.

Quoi ? Y'a pire...

Amongst the 'standard' set of questions that one asks expectant parents, there is the classic - "have you thought of a name yet?". Apparently this can be a cause of marital strife for some. I have to say that for us, that hasn't been the case (we don't argue about interior decoration either; we do argue about directions on car journeys). I hope it isn't too shocking to reveal that in fact, we had the baby names worked out before we even got married.

(Getting the baby 'worked out' has been slightly more difficult)

But now that the big day approaches, I have permission to share one juicy detail with you. Which is that our chosen names are Nectarine (if it's a girl) and Ketchup (if it's a boy).

Crazy! I hear you cry. Well check this out... and come back in two weeks to see if I'm serious.

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