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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snug ... bien au chaud

It's snowing here today, and baby is staying 'inside'. Haven't had much time to play with the video camera yet, as we got up rather late (good night's sleep), and were out all afternoon.

Friday we went to the gynecologists and did half an hour of 'monitoring'. When I came in and said 'hello Baby', the heart rate went up from 130 to 150! I tried three times just to be sure.

Soooo cool!

Oh, and check this out...

Ici il neige, alors Baby reste au chaud. Apparemment bientôt c'est la pleine lune, alors ça pourrait venir - on espère juste qu'il n'y aura pas trop de monde à la maternité en même temps !

Je fais court parceque je dois encore aller jouer avec la camescope !

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