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Friday, November 21, 2014

More zoo, more ignorance... encore du zoo, encore de l'ignorance

Je crois que c'est des rhinoceros d'Asie (ou un truc comme ça). Des vrais chars.
I think these are asian rhinos. They look like they're iron-plated.

Un autre dinosaure.
Another dinosaur.

Des loutres, de très beaux animaux qui partagent leur terrain de jeu avec des rhinoceros!
The otters share the rhinos living space, I guess they don't have a great deal in common.

Cet oiseau utilise sa langue pour boire le nectar. Ici c'est le 'fast food'.
This bird who's name I do not know 'laps' up nectar like a dog.

Des bouquetins, ou chamois, quelque chose qui grimpe...
Not goats, not deer, maybe chamois? Four-legged-mountainy-goat-thingies-with-horns.

Au moins ça, je c'est que c'est une cigogne.
At least I know what this is. A stork.

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Viv Simkins said...

I think maybe your otters are really coypus, though I've looked online and can hardly tell the difference. Otters are in UK and they are dainty creatures; we saw coypu in the park in Forli where they are fat oafs and are a pest, as mink have become here.