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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew

Very pleased with my purchase, and Kalia enjoys it too (Rebecca isn't really 'into' telly in a big way)

I wasn't too surprised to remember this, verbatim:

Underground, overground, wombling free
The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we
Making good use of the things that we find
Things that the everyday folk leave behind.

But I was surprised at the number of Trumpton bits I recognise, I don't think we had videos of them, so I don't imagine I saw them more than once, but apart from the firemen's rollcall (can you complete it?), I remember a lot of the songs - or let's say I recognise them. "Roses, roses, buy my sweet roses", "Clocks are like people". Most weird.

I never saw the Clangers or Bagpuss as a child, so I discovered those at the same time as Kalia.

Great stuff.

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Viv Simkins said...

hands up, who wants Dougal and the Blue Cat?

Benjol said...

And a record player to play it on? I must admit that Dougal and the Blue Cat always seemed a bit spooky (trippy?) to me: "Blue is beautiful, blue is best. I'm blue, I'm beautiful, I'm best"

Daniel & Libby said...

We had the LP of Trumpton, which is probably remember the songs from.

I like Dougal and Blue Cat - was truly weird though :)