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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Désolé, j'ai la phlegm de traduire cette fois-ci.

Someone tagged me as a gorgeous blogger. This dubious honour apparently implies revealing 6 unknown (and presumably mildly interesting) facts about myself.

Not sure if I'll make it to 6.

(Hint, you'll probably need to follow that link to understand some of what follows)
1. In one month's time, we will have been living in this flat for 7 years. This is the longest period of 'domicilic' stability I've ever experienced. (And I like it)
2. One 6th of november, when I was something like 6 years old, I ventured onto the remains of a large bonfire (only UK people will understand the significance of the date), in what I assumed were invincible wellies. As it turns out, I never got the chance to find out how fast wellies melt, because I lost my balance first, and fell with my two hands in the cinders. I still have the skin graft on my left wrist to prove it.
3. I grew up in the same church as Miranda, but didn't go the headscarf route. I did go through a personal crisis something like 15 years ago, where I had to chose between believing what I had been told, or thinking for myself. I'm hoping you know me well enough to know which choice I made. My current theology is a bit like a jellyfish, it is fairly coherent and has a recognisable shape, but there aren't really any bits that won't give if you poke them.
4. Given the male to female ratio in the church youth group, it is statistically plausible that I could have had a fleeting crush on Miranda...
5. The first time I flew in a plane was at the age of 13. If I recall correctly I went on a light plane with school (or something?) then shortly afterwards on a big plane to our holiday in Tunisia (my only ever foray out of Europe). I had flown numerous times before that, in a recurrent dream I had where I could fly by stretching out my parka coat! Much later on (about 12 years ago now), I had a job where I was flying out to Belgium every week. I flew 52 times in one year. Kind of took the shine off the whole thing.
6. (Wow, I got to six!) Several years ago, a guy called Noel died. At the time I was nonplussed, as he "used to be" my brother. He (and his older brother and sister) had been fostered by my parents from when I was 5 to when I was 12. When we moved house, he elected to change families, and kind of dropped out of my life. Weird. Difficult to know what to do with that.

Oh, I'm also supposed to tag 6 other bloggers, but I won't be doing that. I'll suggest 6 other blogs though:
Flight level 390: excellent pilot blog
InternetMonk: if my jellyfish were articulate it would sound like this (in my dreams!)
Paris Daily Photo: Not too taxing, photo a day, little text
Random Acts of Reality: One of the first blogs I started reading, one of the first bloggers to make it to book form too. Start with the post I've linked to...
Basic Instructions: Not as funny as it once was, but still gets coffee out my nose on occasion
xkcd: Only technical/scientific blog in this list - two cartoons a week. (Don't forget to hover the mouse over the image)

For the record, those are the only non-programming blogs that I read, except for those by people I know personally. (Only other exception is Cramner).

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Benjol said...

I did wonder whether "fleeting crush" wasn't a tautology, but it sounded better.

Playing was quite fun in the end. You know as we get nearer to that big round number, an increasing percentage of our life is in the rear-view mirror. I find myself becoming increasingly interested in my childhood memories.

You'll know it's really bad when I start getting blogging about family trees!