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Monday, November 12, 2007

Mac IIsi

Un exemple de technologie qui marche bien - Mamma a sorti ce vieux Macintosh du galetas la semaine passée. Ca doit bien faire 3-4 ans que ça n'a pas servi. Et voilà que ça remarche du premier coup !

Malgré les apparences, Kalia n'a pas vraiment appris à jouer (pour cela il faudrait déjà que ses parents arrivent à comprendre les jeux!), mais elle a vu que si elle tape sur le clavier ça fait du bruit.

Si quelqu'un a des jeux intéressants à nous refiler...

Sometimes technology does just keep on working. My near ten-year-old Epson printer is a good example (though it's starting to dry out faster and faster).

Another example is this old Macintosh that Madame brought down from the loft last week. After 3 or 4 years stuck up there is a plastic bag, it worked straight off when plugged in. Not bad.

Kalia isn't really playing the games in the photo (we haven't worked some of them out yet either!), but she has worked out that hitting the keys goes 'beep' (limited amusement there).

So if anyone has any games to hand (and the floppies to put them on!)...

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