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Monday, April 06, 2015


I've been saving up these links for a while, in the hope of writing something about them, but I think I'll just throw them out as-is, with a 'recommended read':

In the beginning: it’s not about "days" - appears to me to be the only 'sustainable' interpretation of Genesis, and ultimately far richer than sterile 'scientific' debates.

What Makes It Right? - a very interesting article questioning the validity of the notion of 'consenting adults'.

And this article is worth reading just for the comments (which also refer to a previous article where the author explains why he has left his church):
"I pray that the God of wisdom will kill you dead and raise you alive every day. I pray that his light will illuminate your path, especially if your path is through a dry and barren country. I pray that he will bring you to springs of living water, and that his bread of life will sustain you. And I pray that we will all be joined together in that far off country where we will make our home together in Him forever. Amen."

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