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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hope for the future? ... Espoir pour l'avenir ?

I distinctly remember - back when I was a teenager - a visitor to our house asking me how I felt about the future: I answered something to the effect that for myself, I was reasonably serene (probably through an erroneous - I now believe - faith that God prevents bad things happening to Christians), but for the world in general, not so much.

Apart from my innate (or acquired?) pessimistic bent, I wonder what my informs and inspires my dystopic nightmares (I mean that figuratively and literally, fortunately more often the former than the latter - think of something like The Road, which I haven't seen, for fear of too much resonance).

Anyway, here are some things that feed them:

Mob Rule does not Equal Stability

The Age of Depletion

Vietnam's Rice Bowl Threatened by Rising Seas

Conspiracies, Coups and Currencies.

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