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Monday, October 11, 2010


Some beautiful things written about writing here: On writing: thirteen theses
"Writing is slow because truth is shy. You can’t get close to truth all at once, but only by a protracted exchange of fumbling gestures, awkward silences, and tentative questions and replies."

"Like a drawn bowstring, the writer draws back from the world in order to pierce it more forcefully."

"between idea and form there is a mystical union of natures; to write well is to think well. Language is not the external adornment of thought. It is thought itself, the blood and tissue of the idea."

"Did they not find the face of Yahweh pressed suddenly against their outstretched fingertips as they groped their way blindly through the doorway into the dark house of language?"
Came there via another blog I've recently started following for a very interesting series on hell (work still in progress): From Damascus to Emmaus, Questioning Hell

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