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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Il y a quelques semaines, il y avait un marché avec des bonbons anglais, ce fut comme la madeleine de Proust pour moi, j'allais toutes les semaines au petit magasin du coin pour acheter mes 10 pence de bonbons dans un petit sac en papier!

A few weeks back, there was an stall at the local supermarket marked 'Tuck box', where they were selling English specialities, and sweets!

Took me back to days of yore when I used to go and get me 10p's worth at the newsagents (about here), in a little paper bag.

Got more for your money in those days.

Now racking my brains to try and remember what they are all called, so from back left to front right:
1. Liquorice Allsorts
2. Pineapple cube
3. ?
4. Coca cola
5. ?
6. Sherbert bonbon?
7. Aniseed ball
8. Dolly mixture
9. ?
10. Mint imperial
11. ?
12. Fruit gum?
13. ?
14. Just liquorice, I think

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