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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black hole ... Trou noir

(Au téléphone avec Pop & Grandma).

Jusqu'à il y a quelques semaines, le LHC signifiait Lausanne Hockey Club par ici.

Mais depuis la semaine passée, il y a le Large Hadron Collider qui lui fait de l'ombre.
On s'est soucié du fait qu'on pourrait être tous aspirés dans un gros trou noir.

Mais en fait le trou noir c'est à l'autre bout du lac. Une fois qu'on vient habiter sur la Riviera Vaudoise, c'est très dur de partir!

(On the phone with Pop & Grandma).

There was a bit of a frenzy last week about us all getting sucked into a black hole caused by the Large Hadron Collider at Geneva.
Nothing happened, obviously. (I mean, I believe in mad scientists, but there were lots of scientists involved with this experiment, and they can't all be mad!)

But the black hole is actually at the other end of the lake. Because once you come to live along the Riviera Vaudoise, it's very hard to leave!

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Viv Simkins said...

yesterday on Radio 4 the 'pips' time signal was delayed and then produced more pips than it should have. Engineers say they don't know why it happened, it should all work like clockwork. Ah, maybe it was CERN...........