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Sunday, April 16, 2006

What it's all about ... Ca vallait la peine

Voilà une photo qui exprime pour moi toute la bonheur d'être père. C'est trop chou d'avoir une pitchoune qui te tient la main.
"Au jour du bonheur, sois heureux" (Ecclésiaste 7 : 14)

This is photo which sums up the joy of fatherhood. It's just so cute to have a Little My hanging onto your hand.
"When times are good, be happy" (Ecclesiastes 7 : 14)
(For those who ponder on my references to Little My, it's a kind of 'in' joke between me and myself. If you would like to be included, look here. No particular simlarities between my Little My and the character in the Moomin books, but the name is cute)

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