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Monday, February 11, 2013

Horse in my beef! ... Du cheval dans mon boeuf!

Différence culturelle intéressante: en Angleterre ça fait scandal parce que c'est l'équivalent (peut-être!) de retrouver du chat ou du chien dans son hamburger. Ici, c'est simplement parce qu'on est en train de payer le prix boeuf pour du cheval...
It's an interesting cultural quirk that whereas in the UK the scandal is mostly "help, I've been eating horse", here it's more of "what, I've been paying the price of beef and getting horse?!" (horsemeat is cheaper). Now, if you said there was cat or dog in food here, you'd get a similar reaction (or maybe not!).

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Viv Simkins said...

Interesting the Brit reaction. I think it's because dogs, cats, horses are all pets here rather than 'farm animals', so it would be rather like eating your friends. Now that people are better travelled there aren't do many that would object to horse. On the other hand vegetarians seem to be on the increase here and not on the continent. Same reason maybe. The bigger problem here is the question 'just what are we eating?' 'If we didn't know about the horse, what else don't we know' I heard some mention of chicken feathers bulking products..........So glad we have a local butchers.