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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday

Hier soir on a fait la fête pour Kalia (pas le temps aujourd'hui :().

On a invité des amis et des amis à Kalia. C'était vraiment très sympa - les enfants ont bien joué, les parents ont bien discuté, et on a bien mangé aussi !

Yesterday we had Kalia's birthday party.

It was an excellent time - we invited her friends and our friends (who happen to be related, of course!), and the kids played together while the parents chatted together. And there was lots of nice munchies.

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miss p said...

Happy birthday little niece!!

I am so sorry but the present is going to be a bit late! I don't seem to be very good at remembering that i have to allow time for things to get there! Was going to ring last night but then remembered that she would be in bed. So will probably ring this week. lots of love and a kiss for little one, Pips