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Friday, February 18, 2005

Royal wave ... Kalia vous salue

C'est tante P. qui a envoyé ce petit ensemble rose. Mamma a trouvé tellement joli qu'elle a pris quelques photos.

Cette nuit, y'a eu des misères pour la pauvre Kalia. C'est qu'hier midi, ses parents ont eu l'idée lumineuse de manger de la fondue ! Elle l'a senti passer...

On a compris et on recommence plus, promis !

Here you can check out S____s junior practising her royal wave. Note the gaze suitably averted so as not to make direct eye contact with the plebs.

Kalia (and Mamma) had a hard night's day, as yesterday her parents had the bright idea of eating a fondu. Not a good idea.

My ForecastFox tells me that there's going to be snow here for the next 5 days! Hope not too much on the motorway tomorrow evening as I'll be going to collect my parents from the airport.

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