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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Comme d'habitude on a visité le Seaquarium. Par contre cette fois-ci on a vu quelque chose de nouveau: les entraineurs qui nageaient avec les foques (ou otaries? je ne sais jamais!)
We visited the Seaquarium - as is customary - but there was something that we'd never seen before, which was the trainers going for a 'swim' with the seals. Looked like fun.

Voilà un truc qui représente vraiment l'ambiance des vacances pour moi: manger dehors le soir, avec les enfants qui ont 'le droit' de rester réveiller trop tard, et écoutent avec les yeux écarquillés les histoires et blagues des grands.
This is one of the most 'holiday-feel' bits of holidays: eating outside, the children staying up 'too late' and listening wide-eyed to tall tales and silly jokes.

I did actually manage to finish one book (that I started last year!), "Spoken Here, Travels Among Threatened Languages". A very interesting read, and I liked this quote: "From their earliest days (...) children learn about endangered species. (...) Guilt precedes literacy".

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