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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Out and about ... Permission

On a une permission de sortie! Vendredi midi jusqu'à dimanche après-midi, avec un petit saut à l'hôpital samedi midi pour rassurer tout le monde. Enfin on a pu bien dormir une nuit entière.

Je suis 'home alone', mais Philippe vient me donner un coup de main (il va faire un pique nique à la place de jeu avec Kalia, qui n'a pas envie de manger à l'hôpital, je la comprends!)

Enfin, c'est un sacré défi (hier je suis allé 'négocier' avec le pharmacien - le médecin nous a dit qu'on allait devenir un de ses plus gros clients!), j'ai préparé le "sac d'urgence", et puis il faut compter ces fichus glucides...
We're allowed out for the weekend! Just dropping in at the hospital Saturday lunchtime to make sure everything is ok (and get a 'free' meal...). And we got to sleep all night without interruption (ok, I had to stay awake 'til midnight to test Rebecca's blood, but (thank God) she didn't really notice, and remembered nothing this morning.

I'm 'home alone' this weekend, but Philippe is coming round to help a bit (he's going to take Kalia to the play area for a picnic, she doesn't want to eat at the hospital, I can't blame her!)

Anyway, there's so much to learn, so much to think about. The doctor told me I should go and negotiate hard with the pharmacy, as we'll be one of their big customers, so I did that yesterday. And got an 'emergency' bag ready with all the necessary bits, and then I have to carefully count all the carbohydrates (and improvise around the available food, and the bits she doesn't want to eat).

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