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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Karl’s kühne Gassenschau

Si vous aimez un tant soit peu le SPECTACULAIRE, si vous avez un brin d'humour, si vous avez de surcroit un petit faible pour les histoires déjantées et les idées complètement démesurées alors je vous dis :



Sorry, this post doesn't really apply to non-Swiss dwellers. We went to see this show 'on water' last year and I thought it was absolutely amazing - completely out of this world in fact. The kind of crazy ideas you or I have while falling asleep, which you know will never see the light of day, these guys actually do it! Jet-skis transformed into sea monsters - rock bands playing under water - dancing flowers - the whole play takes place in or on water.

This is the third year running, and every single show has been sold out!

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