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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just in case you're wondering...

Désolé, encore du 'anglais only'.

More iMonk propaganda, please forgive me!

'Chaplain Mike' (who is a real-life chaplain, as it happens) has started an interesting new series on what he believes. It comes off the back of a discussion about what 'post-evangelical' might mean, and why it isn't the same as 'ex-evangelical' or 'anti-evangelical'.

Basically he's working through the key 'markers' of what 'Evangelical' means to him, and sorting out the bits he retains and treasures, and the bits he's distanced himself from.

It's very interesting.

In case you're wondering... (reverse chronological order, i.e. read up from the bottom)

His article on holiness touched me in particular, as it was kind of a big deal in my formative years.
"The exact forms of pietism vary from church to church and group to group within evangelicalism. But there is an overall point to it, at least in how I have witnessed it within various entities: pietism teaches that one can be an “extraordinary” Christian, above and beyond those who are “ordinary” Christians."

"Pietism puts the burden of my relationship with God on my shoulders and refuses to rest in the objective truth of God’s grace and the objective means of grace offered me in the gospel."

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