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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Hope ... Espoir

Je parle souvent du site Internet Monk ici, je suis vraiment navré que je n'ai pas toujours le temps de traduire les pensées qui m'inspirent. Ici une fois de plus, je ne fais que renvoyer à des articles qui m'ont touché ou fait réfléchir. Si vous comprenez un peu l'anglais, ou supporter de passer par Google Translate, je vous encourage à aller y jeter un coup d'oeil. Et si vous connaissez des sites francophones d'une même qualité, merci de me le faire savoir!

I think that I plug Internet Monk here often enough to have already apologised for doing so.

But it is really my number one on-line resource for thought-provoking, inspiring, faith-related content. They give me hope, because so often the 'hard' questions in the Christian life get pushed aside, with non-answers about 'just believing', or unsatisfying-bending-over-backwards 'explanations'. In the pages of IMonk, you get to witness discussions unfolding around hard subjects, with different viewpoints explored, compared, examined, and all in an atmosphere of faith and respect.

So, I implore you, beseech you, to at least take the time to click through and see if you get 'hooked' too:

Evolution, Genesis

An five-part series working through a book about what Genesis might have meant in the context in which it was written, and how that could influence our own approach to its message, and how we interact with evolution:

Another post which touches on the idea that the 'in the image of God' of humanity is precisely the act of God lifting us out of the blind determinism of evolution, putting us - with our consciousness of self - above the 'flow', and calling us also to tend all of creation in this way: Evolution's Ultimate Wisdom

Theodicy, (if God, why suffering?)

On Theodicy
The Bloody God and the Bleeding God

As I have also previously said, the comments are often as instructive (if not more) than the articles. And it was via the comments that I discovered these two amazing articles:

Shell game (facing up to the violence in the Bible)
Why did God command Abraham to kill Isaac?

The Bible, a necessarily human book

Three interrelated models for Bible readers today.
Another time I must tell you how I go about keeping up with all these sites...

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