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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Not this time ... Pas le temps

Généralement j'essaie de préparer des articles à l'avance pour peupler ce blog pendant mes absences. Mais cette fois-ci, je suis en panne de photos, d'idées et de temps! Hormis les tâches normales quotidiennes, mon esprit a été passablement occupé avec des histoires de Brexit, mondialisation, et l'avenir du travail dans ce contexte. Ce qui donnerait des articles assez longs, ou rebarbatifs, ou les deux!

A dans quelques temps, donc.
Normally I preload some prerecorded ("here's one I prepared earlier") posts before going on holiday, but this time I haven't got many photos to hang posts on, and running out of time as well. My brain has been occupied (apart from with the normal stuff of life) with Brexit and thoughts about globalisation, employment, the working class etc. Which makes for posts which are either long, boring, or both. So I'll spare you that.

Going on a screen fast (I hope), so see you in a while.

Photos prise ce weekend dans la campagne fribourgoise.
These photos are from this weekend, we went to a 2x50th birthday up 'in the mountains'. Beautiful place (there are lots of them round here, I admit).

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