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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Kalia semble avoir hérité les gènes artistiques de son arrière grand-mère.
Kalia seems to have inherited some of her great grandmother's arty genes.

Rebecca commence tout juste à s'intéresser à dessiner et peindre.
Rebecca is just starting to get interested in drawing and painting. Here with her best "Wallace smile".

Des sirènes que Kalia a fait avec l'aide de sa maman.
Pippa probably doesn't recognise this, but it's out of the art/craft ideas book she gave Kalia.

Et ma tentative inspiré par la vidéo de Bob Ross. La moitié des mes tubes de peinture avaient séché - ça faisait des années que je n'y avais plus touché. Contraire intéressante que de peindre avec plusieurs couleurs en moins.
And I discovered - to my dismay, if not to my surprise - that half of my paint tubes had dried out from years of unuse. I also rediscovered that my paintings are best viewed from a distance, and out of focus. This was inspired by Bob Ross.

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Pipsqueak's Musings said...

Glad your all been painting and the girls like the art book. I'm going to try and do a bit of art this summer too.