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Sunday, October 02, 2016


I know next to nothing about negotiation, but I do know that you don't talk down your own side's chances before you've even started:
But Mr Fox was criticised by former deputy PM, now Lib Dem EU spokesman Nick Clegg. He said: "Liam Fox is delusional about the impact of Brexit on British trade with the rest of the world. Unbelievably, he claims to be 'taking an axe to red tape across borders'.

"The truth is that leaving the EU's customs union and single market will bring a deluge of new Brexit red tape down on the heads of British businesses who export to the continent."
Dear Mr Clegg, please pen your eyes, this is bigger than party politics, this is about your country.

You also avoid letting your adversary know what your bottom line is, so this:
ex-chancellor Ken Clarke, told the New Statesman Mrs May was running a "government with no policies" which has no idea how to carry out Britain's exit from the European Union
is equally dippy.

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