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Monday, February 01, 2016

Jigsaw ... Puzzle

J'ai réussi à convaincre Kalia de me laisser lui acheter un puzzle pour Noël (dans la suite de 'père qui achète les cadeaux qu'il voudrait lui-même pour ses enfants').
I managed to persuade Kalia to let me buy her a jigsaw for Christmas (in the continuing saga of Daddy buys the presents he wants for his daughters!). As it turned out, even Rebecca wanted to help.

C'était assez difficile comme puzzle, mais Kalia a tenu bon, même vers la fin quand il me semblait qu'il n'y avait plus que des pièces blancs.
It wasn't a particularly easy one, but Kalia stuck with it right to the end (when all the pieces just looked white to me!).

La voilà, fière de son exploit. Moi aussi je suis fier: encore un plaisir découvert ensemble et transmis à la génération suivante!
And here she is with the finished article, and rightfully proud of her achievement. (And I'm proud of mine: one more shared pleasure transmitted to the next generation!)

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Viv Simkins said...

I'm so glad that some of my grandkids are into jigsaws. I just finished one yesterday and although they seem like a waste of time, it's great to get absorbed in something. Auntie Di has a Puzzles Group at her church even. Glad you see the value in buying the presents 'not asked for.'