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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Young blue eyes ... Yeux bleus

Notre fille fait du charme partout où elle va.

Funny stuff genetics; neither of us have blue eyes.

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Viv Simkins said...

Well, they're certainly not from my side. Maybe a touch of her great grand Pop, or the Italian side?

Heathcote Safari said...

Wow, don't know where she got them from but those are beautiful eyes!!

Pippa Simkins said...

uhhh hello??!!
Aunti Pippa here! I have blue eyes (with a bit of green and not as blue as that!) SO maybe the cute little one takes after me! The best aunti in town! love pips

My Bilingual Babes said...

Very cute! I always thought you needed one parent to have blue eyes, shows up my lack of genetic knowledge! liked reading about your 'papa' 'no, daddy' chats!