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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Right or wrong? ... Juste ou faux?

Ce soir en se promenant:

"Kalia, en face je vois un truc qui commence avec 'C', tu vois? Le truc rouge, là-bas".
Bon, que dire? Je cherchais car, mais c'était effectivement une Mitsubishi.

(On passe devant un garage Mitsubishi quasi tous les jours, avec Ford, c'est les deux marques qu'elle reconnaît).

Conversation from this afternoon:

"Kalia, can you see something that starts with 'C'? Over the road there, it's red".
What could I say? I was thinking Car, but it was actually a Mitsubishi...

(I should hasten to add that we walk past a Mitsubishi garage most days, so it is the only make other than Ford that she recognises)

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