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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Heads should roll ... Financiers, au bûcher!

Que dire?

C'est rageant d'entendre les discours des politiques qui justifient des injections colossales d'argent publique pour sauver les fesses des entreprises privées:
"Mais vous comprenez, si on ne fait rien, ça va être le catastrophe".


C'est bien ça le credo néo-libéral non? On laisse faire le marché, on n'intervient pas. Par une main invisible, tout va s'équilibrer tout seul.

C'est de la foutaise.
Ca a autant de sens que de dire qu'on va laisser tomber le code de la route, les rond points, les feux, les stop. La circulation va s'équilibrer tout seul, quoi.

Ben oui. C'est le mec avec le plus gros char qui gagne, et tant pis pour les autres.

Mais en l'occurence, le mec avec le gros char l'a planté dans un mur, et il veut maintenant qu'on fasse passer le chapeau pour qu'il puisse s'en acheter un autre...

Bref. Ca va mal, ça va continuer à mal aller, et personne va avouer leur tort.

(Voilà un truc un peu plus gai à ce sujet : http://www.saveusnotthem.com/)

(... but they won't)
What can I say?

It drives me crazy hearing politicians justifying bailing out private companies with public money:
"You have to understand, if we don't do anything, it will be a disaster".


But that's the neo-liberal way, isn't it? Non-intervention, let the market decide, the 'invisible hand' will even everything out.

That makes about as much sense as saying we should get rid of the highway code, roundabouts, traffic lights. Let the traffic decide, it will even out on its own.

Yeah right, and it's the bloke with the biggest tank who wins, shame for everyone else.

As it happens, the bloke with the tank ran it over a cliff, and now he wants us to dig in our pockets to buy him a new one...

Hohum, things are going badly, they're going to carry on going badly for a good while, and no-one is going to admin they were wrong.

(Here is a slightly more light-hearted take on the subject: http://www.saveusnotthem.com/)

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Heathcote Safari said...

Love this blog, you make me laugh! Plus, I get to pick up new French phrases, like 'de la foutaise'. Loved your link so much I posted it on Facebook!

Benjol said...

Good, I do like a good rant, though like Paul to the Corinthiens (was it?), I'm only any good at them by writing.

Not sure your mother (or mine) would approve of you learning such shocking language off me :)

Viv Simkins said...

Your mother would prefer that if you must use swear words you would at least spell them properly! And why would it just be mothers that object? Is swearing manly?

Benjol said...

Belated reply to my mother.

Sorry for taking your name in vain. It just read better like that :)

Don't think swear words are more manly, but I think they might be more French. As an old French guy said to me way back when I questioned his choice of vocabulary: "Ca se dit pas, mais on le dit quand même" (roughly: It's something you don't say, but you say it anyway).

It may also be that in spite of speaking French for half my life (already!), I don't 'feel' the strength of French swear words the way I do for English.