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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Visitors ... Visites

Tout est en décalé sur ce blog ces temps-ci, environ 2 semaines de décalage! Voilà Pop & Grandma qui sont venus chez nous avec Aunty Di & Maureen (du Canada)
Sorry, I'm running a bit late on this blog. Two weeks back, Pop & Grandma came over to stay, with Aunty Di & Maureen (all the way from Canada). In this photo, Dad is powerlessly witnessing his camera eating all of his holiday snaps....

On a totally unrelated note, here is an poetic phrase that I read earlier today (on a good blog)
(I) heard the racket of grief clattering up the back stairs of my chest.

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Anonymous said...

Dad wasn't too grieved in the end. Used one of those programs which seems to be able to fish out old files from an apparently unformatted disk. Got most of them back. Lesson. Flash memory can be faulty!