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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homosexuality & faith, the great debate

The comments here are definitely worth a read.

Some great quotes:
1. "...though gluttony is pointed out as a death-producing sin many more times than homosexuality is, no one plants churches for fat people do they? No one brings up skinny people to give a testimony about how they used to be fat until they were changed by God. Why not?"

2. "If we try to answer this question in a way that is bound to the “truth” side of the equation, we will likely be looking for an answer that is absolute and binding in all places, times, and situations. No matter how much we desire to be compassionate and loving concerning our final response to the question, the fact will be that we will end by dehumanizing the person we apply the “truth” to. This is the lesson Jesus repeatedly sought to demonstrate to the religious leaders of his day. “Truth” in our hands will always kill." (this entire comment should be printed out in big letters and stuck on church walls everywhere)

3. "Is it even the church’s job to fix sin, or is the church’s job just to get the broken people to Jesus so He can work on them (like the guys lowering their crippled buddy thru the roof for Jesus to heal him)?"

4. "It’s great to hold a position. It’s another thing to relate to people."
(Note, there are two pages of comments)
This is the next 'big' issue for the church (though I'd far rather we were adressing this!).

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