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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Helpless, hapless ... Ne m'aidez surtout pas

Un journalist ramasse des enfants qui mendient sur les rue des Beyrouth. Il les amène à l'hôpital, et ils finissent par se faire embarquer par la police.

Quand est-ce que 'faire quelque chose' fait plus de mal que ne rien faire du tout?
This is a strange tale.

A brush with the brutal world of child refugees.

Strange because the journalist seemingly unwittingly creates his own story.
Strange also because it points to the ambiguity of 'helping' people when you're not really familiar with their situation.
Strange because it could almost be seen as an allegory for Western intervention in Irak, or foreign intervention anywhere.

When is doing something actually less help than just doing nothing?

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